Project Clean H2Ope

Water is Life! Give Clean H2Ope to a Family

Clean water is essential to life! When children and adults don't have access to clean water they tend to be less healthy. The water they drink is filled with parasites and impurities. These things work to make the children and adults sick, and sick children miss more school - or don't learn as well in school. Sick adults are unable to work to feed their families.
To solve this, many families have to spend hours and hours looking for fuel to burn to boil water to purify it. This task isn't without risks. Families have to breathe the smoke from the fires, and their carbon footprint is larger - just so they can have access to clean water.
Give2GiveHope provides water filters for the communities we serve. The filters are installed in homes, require no electricity, and have no parts to break. They will provide enough clean water for an entire family (up to 500 gallons per day) and will last a lifetime with little maintenance. They filter all sorts of terrible things out of the water from cholera to typhoid to e.coli ( read more). 

Give2GiveHope has brought clean water to almost 700 families in Honduras. Our goal is for every one of the families in our communities to have clean drinking water so they can be healthy and strong and have the opportunity to be free from illness and water-borne disease. Project Clean H2Ope will continue on until we accomplish this goal. 

Please join us by sponsoring a filter for $50 to make a huge impact in the lives of these children. Give them the gift of clean H2Ope!
Amount: $ *minimum amount is $10


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