Our History

Our Ministry Roots

The seeds of Give2GiveHope (Vision 434, Inc.) were planted during the first mission trip out of the United States for our founder, Ken Hayes. Ken was always moved when hearing about mission work in foreign countries, but had never had the opportunity or ability to go himself. God cleared the way for him to join a small team heading to Sapadril, Honduras in February of 2009.

The purpose of the trip was for the team to complete some minor construction work, share puppet ministry with the children of the village, and to host a medical clinic at the local church. Ken didn't have skills in any of those three areas, so he wasn't sure what he would be doing during the trip, but was willing to help out wherever he could.

The trip organizers had scheduled a time for the team during their stay to visit neighboring families "up the mountain" and it was during this time of the trip when Ken's heart was moved with great compassion. What the team saw while visiting the houses on the mountain had a huge impact on Ken: Children who lived in poverty and were malnourished - some to the point of starvation ... Children who were sick or had medical needs that were not being met because the families had no way to get them to a doctor ... Children who couldn't go to school and get an education and were unable to break the cycle of poverty they were trapped in.

Ken's heart was burdened for these children and began asking God "What can I do to help these children?" God answered in a way that Ken never anticipated... He prompted Ken to use his past experiences and skills as a webmaster to create a website to tell the story of the children in Honduras. God wanted others around the world to see and hear the about children whose entire lives could be dramatically changed by something as small as a little compassion and generosity.  Children whose future could be changed by a little hope.

Ken shared what God had put on his heart with the local missionaries and the rest of the team on the third day of the trip. Everyone was supportive of the seed that had been planted in Ken's heart. They agreed to visit more homes, meet more families, and take photos and collect information for about 100 children in need in the surrounding area. Ken used the information and photos collected to create this website that would eventually form Give2GiveHope. 

Vision 434, Inc. (the parent organization of Give2GiveHope) is based on a scripture that God revealed to Ken : "Jesus said to them, 'My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work.' " (John 4:34). The primary goal of our organization is to do the work that God wants done: To provide food, clothing, medical care and education to impoverished children in partnership with local churches who minister to the children's spiritual health and well-being while meeting their physical needs.