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Name : Jessy Alana Garcia Bonilla (#137)
Birthday : June 24, 1997   (Age : 18 yrs.)
Gender : F
Status : available

Mother's Occupation :
Father's Occupation : refrigeration tech
Grade in School : 11
Performance : excellent
Favorite Subject : Psychology

What they do to help at home : cleaning

Hobbies/Sports : Soccer
Number of Children in Family : 6 (eligible)

 there is an urgent need for a sponsor for this child
 this child has been waiting for a sponsor for more than 2 years
To sponsor Jessy, please visit www.give2givehope.org

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food, clothing, medical care, and education for impoverished children like Jessy.

For more information, please visit our website or send an email to sponsorship@give2givehope.org

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Give2GiveHope is a Christian humanitarian organization which provides food, clothing, medical care and education to impoverished children in partnership with local churches who minister to the children's spiritual health and well-being while meeting their physical needs.
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